Summer is gone and Autumn has arrived

Well that summer was over and done with quickly, Autumn literally snuck in from one day to another and I have to confess that the heating has had to be turned on a couple of times already.

To my absolute delight I found out on my return from holiday that I had sold my two large macro canvases at the Capital Art gallery in Eltham and  there are a few more that has gone up on the wall there for this weekend. Some small jobs are also trickling in and I love each and one of them as much as the other as I come across so many lovely people it is so lovely to get such positive feedback.

I have been very lucky with photo opportunities over that last couple of months with Sweden & Somerset being the highlights but also  a candid walk in Greenwich and as I almost always have the camera in my bag I came across a rainy London as well as some classic shots of our city and the heartbeat installation in Covent Garden. I have also started experimenting with some more macro and lights indoors and love the results.

Here are a couple of pictures...