The streets of London

London is amazing! 

Rich in history with a  beautiful architecture, every shop and eatery you could ask for. Markets, theatres and glitzy neon signs; the ultimate bright light big city. 

But in this enormous commercial melting pot you do forget that there are big communities, Soho, Paddington, Shoreditch, Whitechapel, Mayfair, Dalston and so on. A mix of multimillion pound houses and flats plus highrises and social housing. In this you have the resident people from all areas of the world getting on with their day to day lives. Often mundane, but sometimes sad, dark and gritty and it will spill out on the street corners and back streets where the visiting workforce are doing its best to ignore it. Walking past minding their own business and looking away.

Due to the fantastic way my job works I drift in and out of different areas of london at all different times. From dawn to dusk and sometimes later. As I have become more familiar with the areas and also began to notice the local people and the little individual stories that are playing out all around them and us. I found that with my camera on me at all time I started to document and capture this.  

With time I would love to publish a book called 'Streets of London', focusing on the real city behind the bright lights.