A photographic take on Woolwich

So my camera and I decided to go out for a walk and instead of heading to my usual haunts in the East End of London I thought we'd go local. I jumped on the bus 122 and et voila, 10 minutes later....Woolwich. 

I often pass through there because of work (even photographed a wedding in the town hall) or because I need to jump on the DLR or overground due our train line being out of action or tube strike or the likes but, I have never just stopped and paused or taken the time to sit down on a bench in the square or on the pedestrianized high street to watch the world go by. 

Well today I did and wow, it blew me away...... the mix of people, market stalls, shops and stories unfolding in front of me was fantastic - a village in the City. I spent several hours walking around capturing one thing or another, literally spoilt for choice andinstead of  jumping on the bus to go back home I decided to walk so I also could get a shot of the beautiful Woolwich Barracks. 

Here are a selection from today that I wanted to share.