A busy summer working

I was incredibly lucky to work on a couple of big advertising projects this summer which fulfilled everything that I enjoy with photography. I was challenged by the creatives that had visions and ideas that I needed to transfer into images, hard but so rewarding and I learned a  lot from it and it made me grow as a photographer. 

The very interesting thing is that one of the jobs I only got because of my street photography and candid captures (which is my passion), to my delight that is what I got to do, for several days I walked the streets with police officers in different parts of London, some areas more challenging than others and a little bit scary at times as well. I got to capture all walks of life and the fantastic characters out there, especially in the East End

For the commercial shoots I strictly use my Nikon 7100 with a 35mm prime but my Fujifilm x-t10 came out to play to and from my jobs and when just hanging around waiting for people. I have also embarked on a diploma in Street Photography to challenge and develope myself further.

Here are a few of my captures but with over 3000 pictures taken I'm still going through them to see what gems I can rustle up.